Another major area that our Firm specializes in is the law covering all forms of Transportation. Therefore, many of our clients are providers or commercial users, subcontractors, freight forwarders of logistics and transportation services (IL, OL, 3PL, distribution, combined, multimodal, express logistics) and they import-export goods and perform transports in any possible mode (road, rail, truck, aviation). Our main services in the field of Transport /Logistics Law include counselling & litigation and we provide strategic advice in the following areas:


  • cargo claims, freight charge collection, claims for losses and damages occurred during the transport (delivery-rejection-condition of goods, reservations, defective packing – product liability), applicable law & Jurisdiction;
  • obligations, rights and liability for the carrier & the consignee in Greece and worldwide, claims and actions;
  • International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS);
  • rail, road, sea, aviation transport contracts, disputes, liability & proceedings under COTIF/CIM, CMR, Warsaw & Montreal Conventions, Hague Visby – Hamburg Rules, Greek Commercial Legislation and Maritime Code;
  • contract structuring on issues of transportation (freight / suppliers / agents / subcontractors / framework agreements / individual orders / bills of lading / all types of transportation related agreements);
  • contract structuring in the field of logistics (warehousing / consignment / packaging / logistics services / customs handling / etc.);
  • release claims and actions for goods, containers and means of transportation seized or forfeited under EU Customs Regulation and the Greek Customs Code;
  • international Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Sea under ADR agreement, RID Convention and IMDG Code, measures or precautions to be taken by transporters-carriers and related issues;
  • road commercial transports (national-international-regional), procedure of establishment and operation of transportation companies and issuance of truck licenses according to Greek law 3887/2010 and all relevant Ministerial Decisions, Circulars and legislation;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • consulting services covering all industries in the sector which interface with other legal areas, such as labour, insurance & criminal Law advisory services to transporters, logistics service providers and subcontractors, approval and construction of logistics centers and warehouses;

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