New institutional framework and sustainable transport alliances

George Maronidis advised transporters, unions and legal entities on 26-02-2011 & 28-02-2011 at the workshops of the 3rd International Exhibition Supply Chain & Logistics: a) “New institutional framework and sustainable transport alliances”, organized by Cargo Plus magazine and b) “An Overview on the planning and execution of Multimodal Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR/RID/IMDG/IATA-DGR)” co-organized by “3S LIFE CYCLE CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES” & “o.mind creatives”, under the auspices of “National Association of Consultants on Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargo – PSSAMEE”, held at the former West Airport Athens – Olympic Fencing Center.

At the 1st workshop George initiated his speech by asking the following questions: “Is there any legal entitlement, for performance of international transport, to trucks operating under laws for national transport?” and “Can a national transport truck perform international transport?” He explained to the attendees the legal changes and reforms which took place after the adoption of Law 3887/2010 that regulates the road/truck transport (regional – national – international). Finally he concluded his speech by pointing out the positive points and weaknesses of Law 3887/2010 and he suggested that certain aspects and articles of the said law should be further clarified, modified and changed in order to facilitate the creation of transport undertakings.

At the 2nd workshop George provided to the attendees, up to date information on recent legislative changes and best practices nationally and internationally concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods with reference to national law and EC Directives & legislation. In conclusion he made a synopsis of the legal issues arising globally and explained the principles of liability regulating transport of dangerous cargo, through the case law studies.

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